Under the Nectariniini family, under the umbrella of this group of nectar hunters there are the Sunbirds & Spiderhunters. World wide record shows 123 species and in South East Asia 24.

From this number 17 of them are named as Sunbird. Again drawn out from this figure 11 of them has being recorded as sighted in Malaysia  Here I will start with the easiest to find and most common Sunbird - The Olive-backed. Most males have very brilliant iridescent colors that glitters under sunlight. The female in contrast is simple and mostly in pale yellow body. On the first picture, I have included a female. The rest I will skip showing the female equivalent,\. Actually the coloring for all females are fairly uniform and would only varies very slightly from species to species.


1. Black-throated Sunbird


2. Brown-throated Sunbird




3. Copper- throated Sunbird




4. Crimson Sunbird


5. Olive-backed Sunbird


  6. Plain Sunbird



7. Purple-naped Sunbird




8. Purple-throated Sunbird


9. Ruby Cheeked Sunbird



10. Red-throated Sunbird


11. Temmick Sunbird


12. Van Hesselt's Sunbird


I have shown pictures of the birds, no apologies on picture quality as I am an "accidental" bird photographer, getting bird pictures for record. And though, I spent a considerable amount of time chasing after their pictures. Sometimes good pictures too, like those taken in my garden. Otherwise, most pictures turn out, the best, as passable.


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