The family group of Columbidae covers birds like Pigeon & Doves, this group has 310 birds world wide of which 30 of them are residents in South east Asia.

Then from that figure of the birds resident in South East Asia, I have weed out only the Doves which were reported as sighted in Malaysia before and it is summarized as the list below


1. Asian Emerald Dove



2. Barred Cuckoo-Dove



3. Black-naped Fruit-Dove

  4. Jambu Fruit-Dove


  5. Little Cuckoo-Dove




6. Philippine Collared-Dove



7. Philippine Cuckoo-Dove



8. Red Collared-Dove



9. Spotted Dove


10. Zebra Dove





The criteria for these group of birds are plump and well rounded bodies, small heads and short beak plus short legs. They should be gregarious birds and usually frugivorous. But from the later write-up below, I mentioned quite a few a ground scavengers, picking up dropped seeds and ripened fruits


The pictures of the Doves show that these  birds bear close resemblances with the Pigeon which are also thrown into this group.

From the list of Doves mentioned, whatever pictures posted is a good representation of how often, these could be sighted. The number of pictures also demonstrates, even with meeting up with the birds, I was given the chance to see them properly. For the low land species I have small numbers of pictures and the sub-montane species of the Little Cuckoo Dove I got the full set. Good demonstration  of how well the bird could be sighted.


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