This is a wide grouping that encompasses  a variety of birds under different names of various sizes.

Birds included in this grouping would be the Orioles, Cuckooshrikes, Triller, Flycatcher-Shrikes and Minivet. So this broad group has 111 species in the whole world with 27 species in South East Asia. Then narrowing down to those birds exclusively named as Oriole, there would be 7 species. Of which 6 can be seen in Malaysia and here they are:-

All of them are fairly large birds with roundish body and rather short tail. They are suppose to be feeding in the upper canopy on insects. Most Orioles I have seen and shown in this series are fruits eaters. That would also be the time the birds remained at that one place  for a while.

Finally, the one Oriole that is very familiar to us - the commonly seen Black-naped Oriole is associated with rich orange-yellow and black color



1.Black Oriole

  2. Black-and-crimson Oriole



3. Black-hooded Oriole

  4.Black-naped Oriole


  5. Dark-throated Oriole


  6. Indian Golden Oriole  


Once more I say that the Orioles in this country are misleading bird. First the dramatically common Black-naped Oriole, fairly large size prominently yellow bird is almost every where and nosily calling. But comes the time to track them, it is not that easy to meet up with one.

Then for those wishing to track down the 3 Orioles, which according to my opinion are common birds in this country, should be as easy task. Well not ready!

As for the Black-&-Crimson or the Dark-throated Orioles, both are also common birds in their own habitats. But it is not easy to meet up with them for one reasons or another. That's why !

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