The Robin in this page comes under a section on birds which are neither Flycatchers nor Warblers. They too, could be classified as Thrushes. This is a large grouping for birds with rather long legs, rounded head and large eyes. Stands upright with tails that are cocked periodically. Almost all of them terrestrial feeder for insects and small fruits near ground level. Very vocal and many are accomplished songsters

There are approximately 55 species and subspecies in this genus named as Copsychus. Small passerine insectivores with weak songs and harsh calls. Sometimes they are refer as "Magpies". So called, as they are believed to be so noisy that the term ‘magpie’ is used for humans who chatter too much is hence applied to them. Contrary to this "hear-say" term, the real Robins are rather shy and unobtrusive birds. Here are some names which are no strangers to many birders.

The names in bold, are the species that I have chosen to be featured for this page.

 While preparing the pages on birds, sometimes it would be good to mention birds sharing close traits with those birds featured in this page. That's why the Shama are mentioned. Though having mentioned their names and the co-relation, Shama are posted as separate pages.

So this page, exclusively is one on Robin.


  1. Oriental Magpie-Robin



2. Rufous-headed Robin


  3. Siberian Blue Robin



4. White-tailed Robin




This is an extreme situation when the Oriental Magpie Robin is the most common bird in Malaysia and seen in almost all environment. Then in contrast, there are the 2 other Robins which are hardly seen and needed much effort to locate.

So if you are visiting the country, the White-tailed is not that difficult. The Siberian Blue Robin, you need contacts locally to show you the spots.


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