These are birds belong to a group under Dicaeidae

Worldwide there are all together 44 species of which 13 species could be found in South East Asia and all these could be seen in Malaysia.

These are tiny birds with short bodies and equally short bill and a tongue adapted for nectar feeding. In real situation they spend more time gathering small berries and insects. Most of them have short syllabus calls and continuous while going around in their hunt for food.

The male of most Flowerpeckers are attractive while the female are in drab olive green. I am not crazy about hunting them down as I can't. The common ones are constantly available while the sightings of those rarer birds are confined to specific places. They are small and in their routine hardly pause for moment in any particular spot. Meeting up with them does not necessary mean getting their pictures


  1. Black-sided Flowerpecker  
  2. Brown-backed Flowerpecker  
  3. Crimson-breasted Flowerpecker  
  4. Fire-breasted Flowerpecker


  5. Orange-bellied Flowerpecker 


   6. Plain Flowerpecker  
  7. Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker 


  8. Scarlet-breasted Flowerpecker


  9. Thick-billed Flowerpecker


  10. Yellow-breasted Flowerpecker


  11. Yellow-rumped Flowerpecker  
  12. Yellow-vented Flowerpecker  


Flowerpeckers which we get to see each time we are in field. First, appear such an easy bird to follow through. But now, I know getting to those few seldom seen Flowerpeckers may not be that easy after all.  So this is one page I KIV for more updates.


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