are birds found in most warmer climates such as that of the tropical regions.  Basically, Parrots are usually grouped into two main families. The "true" Parrots -under Psittacidae and those looking like Parrots - Cacatuidae. The Cockatoos are examples. Lastly another group- Lorikeets. they can be said to be the third group, Loriidae. But now most often considered a subfamily of the Psittacidae . The latter 2 groups of birds commonly found in Australia and none in Malaysia. Just some background to start this subject of Parrots.

World wide, there are 358 species that come under this groupings. In South-east Asian tropical forest  - 11 species. Malaysia itself has  5 species. Parrots in Malaysia are small to medium size when compared to those seen for example in Australia. Malaysian Parrots are seldom seen and it is hard to accidentally bump into them. But if they are around, you could easily detect their presence. By their noisy calls and that they move around in flocks.

Some main characteristic features of Parrots. they have strong curved bill, stand upright, strong legs with zygodactyl feet [with two toes facing forward and two toes facing rearward on each foot]. Like most Parrots, Malaysian Parrots are green with some other colors on the head or neck. Such colors do not go the extend of making them colorful or outstanding. They by their silhouette are nice looking birds. Our Parrots are not known to imitate human voices but their appearance as Parrots too make them popular pets.

In the wild, Parrots being vegetarian, feeds on seeds, nuts, fruit, buds and other plant materials. They build their nests in holes found on trees.

Of the couple frequently seen species, the Blue-crowned is specially picked as a caged birds. I suppose they poachers have no difficulties in locating them and bringing them home.

While in cage, passer-by could also detect their presence by their incessant sharp calls. For the exercise on this page, the names of the Malaysian Parrots are:-

The only "Parrot" that we occasionally meet up with these days would be the Long-tailed Parakeets. Up to the time some years back, the Blue-crowned Hanging Parrots were common in our forest edges. Within a few years, all these

 birds were taken away by poachers and sold to Pet Shop. Seeing one Blue-crowned hanging Parrot, is a rarity and the last one I saw in Taman Negara. How sad?

The Parrots



1. Blue-crowned Hanging-Parrot

  2. Blue-naped Parrot  
  3. Blue-rumped Parrot  


The Parakeets


  4. Long-tailed Parakeet  
  5. Red-breasted Parakeet  
  6. Rose-ringed Parakeet  


I have started organizing my pages within the theme of Birds family. So far this page on Parrot is one that I particularly fond of.

It shows the amount of pictures that I am still short of to complete the page and also I am unable to positively identify the birds pictures that I collected. For the page I merely scrapped through with a couple of blurry shots to get the page filled for future updates, which I hope should be soon. Just urging me to go back to the field to work harder.

Parrots being the top bird for the hobbyist market are naturally one of the most sort after birds as well by the bird watchers. Unfortunately in Malaysia, we have very few Parrots and those that are seen in the country are relatively small birds. As mentioned earlier, with competition from the poachers and the poorly enforced laws on the trade, it is getting even harder to spot Parrot in the wild.


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