The White-rumped Shama is a medium size passerine bird from the family Muscicapidae. Some time ago the bird with the appearances of a Thrush was group together with those birds, getting name like the White-rumped Shama Thrush or simply Shama Thrush. The popularity of the bird as a caged birds has led to its introduction in several countries like Hawaii and Taiwan by the Chinese. Today the Shama has being considered as an invasive species,   eating native insect species and showing aggression towards native bird species.

The bird is extremely territorial and very active in falling lights, dawn and twilights. Because of its nature it is easily lured out and trapped by poachers. The bird has rich and melodious calls with a wide repertoire which made them popular as cage birds. In the wild the bird do not mimic other calls but try its best to innovate new calls and this quality makes the bird even n\more attractive to breeders

Here are some criteria in judging calls made by Shama in captivity. The bird that can sing freely for four rounds without fear of the crowd, noise or other strange birds. the tone should be that of very loud high pitched voice consisting of many rolling notes. The bird's ability to imitate the songs of other birds are normally the 'variety' songsters.