Malaysian Birds - Owls

Here is a list showing Owls.

As the name denotes, this is a group of nocturnal birds and then, they again in turns are birds from the forest That makes it more difficult to seek them out. Not until or unless, they comes out to the forest edge area occasionally

Luckily many experiences bird watcher had caught up with most of the Owls. So be patients you will get to see them one day




  1. Brown Boobook  
  2. Northern Boobook





  1. Short-eared Owl  
  2. Collared Owlet



Eagle Owl

  1. Barred Eagle-Owl  
  2. Dusky Eagle-Owl




  1. Brown Fish-Owl  
  2. Buffy Fish-Owl




  1. Mantanani Scops-Owl  
  2. Oriental Scops-Owl


  3. Rajah Scops-Owl


  4. Reddish Scops-Owl  
  5. Sunda Scops-Owl


  6. White-fronted Scops-Owl  


  1. Brown Wood-Owl  
  2. Spotted Wood-Owl




I am glad that I have a fair collection of these birds

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