Malaysian Birds - Ducks

 Whistling Ducks belong to another family of Dendrocygnidae, but it is easier to group this whole lot under the family of Anatidae.

Ducks are very common birds in countries which has strong conservation's guidelines. They are easily seen in ponds of public parks and in good numbers too. Here sadly in Malaysia, Ducks are treated like wild fowls. Fair games for collectors. Not surprising that whatever ducks that we have only select very remote spots. There they too keeping high vigilance for approaching human. In real life, they are hardly spotted at all. The best way to get to seeing them would be depending on tip off of thir last sen whereabouts. Then at that spot  excercise patient stalking for their appearnces

From the long list of the 14. Ducks listed only these few are residents The Lesser Whistling Duck & the Pygmy-cotton Goose.
The rest of the names on the list are rare winter visitors, could be migrants or passage migrants. When spotted, they are usually  alone or visitingin pair


  1. Wandering Whistling-Duck  
  2. Lesser Whistling-Duck  
  3. Knob-billed Duck  
  4. Cotton Pygmy-Goose  
  5. Garganey


  6. Northern Shoveler


  7. Eurasian Wigeon  
  8. Eastern Spot-billed Duck  
  9. Mallard


  10. Northern Pintail  
  11. Green-winged Teal  
  12. Sunda Teal  
  13. White-winged Duck  
  14. Tufted Duck  
  15. Little Grebe  


When these winter visitors were around news spread like wildfires of their availability but without the mention of the locations where that single bird could be seen. Left to those birds watchers who are familiar with the various birding locations in the country, the probable habitats within that area. So often I could guess.  I am among many to travel those distances of that couple of hundred kilometres trip. Just to get some pictures of the duck Again, most times in some distances away from the edge of the huge pond
Over the long period of years, I had collectively had met up a few of them.  In their native countries these ducks would be "trash" birds coming close to the edge of walking path looking for food



             With   Will  Would  Wander