Malaysian Birds - Terns


These group of birds are mainly shore birds. Perhaps some migratory may not come to shores with human habitats nearby. Chances of meeting up with them still exist. They should be able to be seen in more remote shores or mudflats far out into the seas




  1. Black-headed Gull  
  2. Black-tailed Gull


  3. Brown-headed Gull


  4.Laughing Gull  
  5. Lesser Black-backed Gull


  6. Little Gull  
  7. Slender-billed Gull  


  1. Aleutian Tern  
  2. Black-naped Tern


  3. Bridled Tern


  4.Caspian Tern  
  5. Chinese Crested Tern


  6. Common Tern  
  7. Great Crested Tern  
  8. Gull-billed Tern  
  Lesser Crested Tern  
  10. Little Tern  
  11. Roseate Tern  
  12. Sooty Tern  
  13. Whiskered Tern  
  14. White-winged Tern  


  1.Black Noddy  
  2. Brown Noddy




Terns are fairly common bird found at the edges of fishing villages and mining ponds. Problem to identify them as they are seen in flights and may be having breeding plumages. The Gulls and Noddy are always far out in the mudflats of at sea.

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