Malaysian Birds - Sandpipers

From the family of Scolopacidae comes a big group of birds called "Sandpipers". These are birds seen on the shores, mudflats and sometimes foraging in wetlands as well. Sandpipers has long bodies, long legs and narrow wings. There are species which could be as small as 12cm to those as large as 66 cm. Unfortunately difficult for bird watchers, they all have dull plumage, cryptic brown, grey or streak pattern. Most times the bird rest in open area
While Sandpipers could be seen everywhere on the coastlines around the world. Most of them breeds in the northern hemisphere with scarcely some in tropical region

From the list of 9 Sandpipers shown on this page, they come from 3 different species of birds . They all get the common name " Sandpipers"


  1. Broad-billed Sandpiper  
  2. Common Sandpiper  
  3. Curlew Sandpiper  
  4. Green Sandpiper   
  5. Marsh Sandpiper  
  6. Pectoral Sandpiper   
  7. Sharp-tailed Sandpiper  
  8. Spoon-billed Sandpiper  
  9. Wood Sandpiper   

Looking for shore birds like Sandpipers is quite different from the techniques used for seeking out passerines. Shorebirds have one boring habitats. Stretches of empty, bare mudflats. No trees and no landmarks. Furthermore we  cannot fix the likely period as to when they could be appearing. For us it is broad migratory period of northern winter. But the birds are constantly on the move along their migratory path. Only one consolation, for that windows of a few months, we would watch for the daily time of receding or rising tides.



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