Malaysian Birds - Accipiters


At last, working on a list compiled by Avibase, the world's bird data base, I made a parallel list showing the Eagles, Raptors or large birds of prey that we might eventually meet up in Malaysia This long list has 42 birds. Yes long list plus the numbers big too.  To many not so familiar with bird names, daunting as there are strange names and also naming birds like Vultures which are most unlikely to appear in our land.

I have got those selected names of the Raptors are arranged in an order where the more commonly seen residents, placed on top. Second with regular winters visitors, which we have a good chance of spotting in "batched together" style.
Lastly, the lesser seen migratory raptors which are in smaller numbers, lower down. Passage migrants among them. Finally looking at the numbers, this list is not frightening anymore.



  1. Black Kite  
  2. Black-winged Kite  
  3. Brahminy Kite  


  4. Crested Serpent-Eagle  
  5. Mountain Serpent-Eagle


  6. Short-toed Snake-Eagle




  7. Bat Hawk




  8. Blyth's Hawk-Eagle


  9. Changeable Hawk-Eagle


  10. Mountain Hawk-Eagle  


  11. Black Eagle  
   12. Booted Eagle  
  13. Greater Spotted Eagle  
  14. Imperial Eagle  
  15. Rufous-bellied Eagle  
  16. Steppe Eagle  


  17. Gray-headed Fish-Eagle


  18. Lesser Fish-Eagle  
  19. White-bellied Sea-Eagle  




20. Common Buzzard


  21. Gray-faced Buzzard  
  22. Eastern Buzzard  
  23. Himalayan Buzzard


  24. Long-legged Buzzard  
  25. Oriental Honey-buzzard  


  26. Chinese Sparrowhawk  
  27. Eurasian Sparrowhawk


  28. Japanese Sparrowhawk




  29. Eastern Marsh-Harrier  
  30. Eurasian Marsh-Harrier  
  31. Hen Harrier  
  32. Pied Harrier  



  33. Black Baza  
  34. Jerdon's Baza


  35. Crested Goshawk  
  36. Besra


  37. Shikra




  38. Cinereous Vulture  
  39. Slender-billed Vulture


  40. Red-headed Vulture


  41. White-rumped Vulture


  42. Himalayan Griffon




Having seen the final lined up, I have no problem as I had them all.
There are Raptors that we have a good chance of seeking out and sighting i.e.  the Bat Hawk and Fish Eagle, if we are told where they usually hang out. The rare raptors too, they have quite definite locations in Malaysia, in this case, which padifields? There are good chances of meeting up, as experiences had shown.


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