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I covered a fairly wide field of interest. So many topics to pick up from what I have gone through. Now In my winter years, I am left with tonnes of stories to tell. Very lucky for me with the digital age, the encounters after Year 2000, I have fairly good quality pictures to prompt and remind me of the past. This, I share with you. Last but not least, there are other subjects of interest like birds that I am sort of keeping in touch.

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I was lucky! Born in the era of "Baby Boomers" after the World Wars II. So by the time I retire, it was also at the time of change of the millennium. In that era or even now, my contemporaries would be pondering what could they do after 55 years old? Well, perhaps here are the few years to grope around, tie up loose ends etc. Those who were luckier and did "find" themselves at 60 years old, would be among the much happier lot. I would say, after 60 years mark, the new direction would be  "Let's live it up" - do those to things that we always wanted to do. True, then by 70 years old, almost autumn time, it's the era to slow down and consolidate your life. Take stock of your life and compile your experiences into records. You could retrieve those personal but useful record, organise the information for your eventual easy and leisure reading in your winter years. i.e. when you are no longer that mobile.  Now for me. Autumn is almost gone! - Winter years ahead! Time to seat back relax and amused myself with past events and fond memories. Real time internet and web games are for the young set. Very rare that the "not-so-exciting" happenings that one could come across pages made up by the "has- being". Quite an interesting change from the information of today's world.

In the last years, no more outings, I spent most of my time at home hence that topics that I mentioned must be historical. Lots of such fond memories still fresh in my mind.

This web page started on 25th June 2020 from zero base. So far, keep me busy I am happy chasing, altering the set up and layout. Same time gradually filling up my stories.