Collection of memories


In my winter years and not so mobile anymore, I am now into writing and recording my travel days. No, I am not a good writer in contrary a terrible one. Finished many pages and a quarter of the way in putting my travel pages on Thailand beginning of April 2022 my daughter took me for a stay in Penang. My goodness noticed the change in outlook and lifestyle of Penangnites.How can I shift gears from Nature and Travel to History. I have to learn to love this topic about me having completed a circle. time to go back to my roots. Hence this is my attempt in assemble some pages.


1. My favorite places in Penang

 1. Special compilations for Gurney Drive

2. Remembering Penang Hills Railways

 3. Kek Loke Si Temple through the years

4. Air Itam - Born and growing up

5. Spent most of my daylight hours - Campbell street

6. The Penang Botanical Garden

7. Penang Road in its heydays

8 - Beaches in Penang & Pantai Kerachut



2. Collection of old topics

 1. Trams & Buses for Georgetown

2. The Nine Chinese Clans' Jetties of Weld Quay

 3. All the great cinemas Penang had 

5. The "Magazine Circus"

6. Shops in Penang Road


6. Other interesting happenings

1- "Batu Ferringhi" the ancient "water hole"

2. Watching Construction of Teluk Bahang Dam

3. Cars of the 1960's

4. Cigarettes Boxes of the 1960's

4. Adventure in Penang- The VW Club Meet


4. History  of Penang in text

1. Streets names of Penang in Chinese

2. Personal experiences on History of Penang




Now I am refocusing my interest, migrating away from topics of nature into compiling rae pictures of historical Penang. Gad that I did that!. Thanks to postings on the Facebook groups, I found the many pictures that I am longing to get my hands at. While doing that I am fully aware that this is a very boring topic to most people. Worse most people that I have in contact have little sense of Geography. Have no clue as to what or where those pictures I have posted was referring to and its significance. Those who may know about the topic may have long gone. Of course almost all of my contemporaries do not go to the internet. Now that's how I feel when I spent those long hours. Why take the troble then?

Question? What makes you happy

This is my life. These are the histories that companied me. It is wrong for me to seat down and take stock of my accumulated moss?



       W i t h  W i l l W o u l d W a n d e r