Waterfalls Of Malaysia

Certainly bring back lots of memories for me. The original "Waterfalls" was started in 1998 and taken down in 2008. At present, before I prepare this page, I scouted through the net. Most of the interesting waterfalls have become commercial destinations. Remembering the bad experiences of the past, this site would not guide you to waterfalls, but alert you to its existence. These are "Grandmothers" Falls with no commercial value and those harder to reach destinations



The "Grandmother's" Falls -Jeram Toi Falls


The Adventure Waterfalls - The Chilling Falls-


The Cusory Waterfalls -

Jeriau Waterfalls - quiet cursory destination for visitors to Frasers Hill.



The Medang Waterfall  Long Hike for those who likes jungle trekking


The "Amang factory



Will  Will  Would  Wander