Welcome to this page - it contain the links to many specific plants that have fascinated me. Sorry, no exotic species, in fact, these plants are so mundane. They could be seen everywhere in our urban settings too but we ignore looking at them. Only when there is the exceptional special bloom. That was the occasion the colors attract us for a second look. I love learning more about these plants. taking time to have a page made for each of them to reinforced my understanding

My experiences with these Plants

Part 1. Flowering & Fruiting Trees



Cherry Blossom of Penang

Climbing Bauhinia


Malinjo Fruits

Peacock Flowers

Simpoh air Yellow Bells

Part 2. Outdoor Garden Plants

Bird flowersPedilanthus Lantana
Heliconia Pittsacorum
Bougainville Leadwort Guord

Rose Mallow -Hibiscus synacus

Staghorn Fern-Platyceriums 
Red Ginger Chinese Ixora 
Monstera deliciosa Monstera epipremnoides

Part 3. Indoor garden plants


 Baby Tears

Calisia plants
Maidenhair Fern Caladium
Bird Nest Fern Leaf Cape Leadwort Gourd 
Calathea Aglaonema

Part 4. Veggies & fruits tree


 Sissoo [Brazilian] Spinnach

Four-angle Beans



Basil leaves




Malabar Spinach Bitter Gourd


The story of our houses & changes in Garden scenes

Oh! Those hanging plants/

I spent the greater part of my life walking in wooded parks or strolling through forest trails. That was where I acquired my interest in flowers and odd plants. From these likings, I focused on ginger plants of the wild that bear flowers. Later, moved on to Looking for pitcher plants. I had web pages made for both these 2 families of plants. It was sometime back in the year 2000. My first websites on plants, it started with the "Staghorn Ferns" in 1998.

 As time passes, I pursuit my different interest. Yes now almost the end of the line for me.  I no longer have the privilege of spending time in the wilderness. That doesn't stop me from pursuing my interest in another type of jungle - the urban jungle. I am still fascinated with plants, but for now the more commonly seen or mundane plants. Kept by the neighbours and myself in my garden. Their "uniqueness" and the reason as to why people choose to have them in the garden  I am beginning and will be writing on that topic. Pictures in the tables above shown are the type of plants I already have in mind.

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