Birding in Malaysia

Birding is a hobby of watching birds - really getting to know the birds by name, knowing the birds in this country. Going around making a list of birds that we had encountered plus their details, Among the many topics to be covered, here are examples of the areas that we will get involved with.


1. BACKYARD BIRDING - List and pictures of birds commonly found in Malaysian Garden :- Mynas - Bulbul - Kingfishers - Woodpeckers - Goshawk


2. MY FIELD TRIP REPORTS - popular birding destinations in Peninsula Malaysia.


3. NESTING BIRDS:-  - Yellow vented Bulbul - Black-winged Flycatcher-shrike - Fantail - Oriole - Goshawk - Pied Triller - Common Flameback - Coppersmith Barbet

4. INTRODUCTION OF BIRDING:- How to "Bird Watching" - Bird List:-  - Garden Bird - Mudflats - Public Parks Bird List  -Pictures:-  Backyard birds -  General :- Bird's Anatomy

5. FRASER'S HILL BIRD LIST - my compilation. - pictures of the birds could be encountered in the hill top resort region




I started learning about birds, the old school ways and without guidance. Recalled that days when it was tough remembering the many names of birds. Did many pages of recording on what I saw. Confined to only those birds seen in the nearby park and one and once exotic Kuala Selangor Nature Park. Then the era of changes arrived - there were other "Bird Watchers" who started after me. Organized and led, they were more determined, rushing through the various haunts and gathering names faster than me - it became a number game.  The 3rd natural progression overtook the 2nd wave. This time instead doing of birds watching  They were after the hard-to-see "large" birds. No names needed nor bothering about bird count, simply macro pictures on iPad. Their greater numbers of scouts went on a rampage, bringing in more frequent and faster spotting. Being years now, I hardly meet up with those sharing the interest of watching birds. So after 20 years, sometimes I get the funny feelings that the hobby of Bird Watching is defunct.  I still enjoy watching the same old common birds. I can still remember those difficult starting years but those were more fruitful years compared to the environment these days. The scenes had varied quite a lot. One has to travel more often to get sightings of the not-so-common birds. Situation varied, I have joined the rank of the many enthusiasts who do not have the chance to go out. Only doing bird watching in my garden and parks nearby. I am glad that with my training, I enjoy watching the common birds and making pictures of them repeatedly.  I am putting up pages showing the basic of Bird Watching. Just trying to assist those interested in watching birds. I just want to convince new comers, that there is an enjoyable part of bird watching. Not needing to chase birds all over the country and that simply watching common birds could be real fun as well.


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