That Exquisite taste


Looking for good food!


Going! Going! Gone!

With rising living standards, stricter and clearer control, food would be prepared in a healthier manner and throwng away all the extremities in taste. Such a  coincidence! The vintage of my time are also retiring and the younger ones are not keen to work that hard for the meagre income. Last but no least, the enlarged populations chasing after that few outlets still dishing out the good old taste. So we better hunt down, the vanishing taste of real good food

Gone are the old timers who prepared exquisite taste

The trends is - the many younger set offering unique taste and fusion foods. We are out, looking for the few remaining stalls that still offer the original "Old" taste. This often takes us to smaller towns and more remote locations.


Fish-Veggie Thai Restaurant - Ulu Langat

Kelante Kitchen - Setapak

Rambutan prawn - Banting

Ulu Yam Fish Head Curry

Chen Chen Roast Duck & Goose

Restaurant Rose Tong Sui

Pudu Ruby "Tong Sui"

Bukit Jugra Beggar's Chicken

Sek Yuen Restaurant  - Pudu

Pin Xiang - "next" to my house


Steamed River fishes - Sauk, Kuala Kangsar

Keong Kee Herbal Soup - Pudu, KL

Kampar Food Court - Morning Session

Fook Seng Restaurant - Slim River

Kedai Kopi Sin Loke -Jeram

Choy Kee Pork Knuckle -

Castella Cafe - Restaurant in the River, Gerik Perak

Restauran Tauge Ayam Lou Wong - Chicken Rice w bean Sprouts

Wah Chai Seafood Restaurant, Menglembu


Shui Yuan Seafood Restaurant - Nibong Tebal

Restauran Makanan Laut Yee Seng - Matang

Bukit Tambun Seafood - Juru Penang

Restauran Teluk Kumbar - Penang

Ong Cheng Huat Seafood - Kampong Pokok Keras Butterworth


Stay in touch, as I am tracing back all those wonderful spots I had patronised in my younger days



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