The ancient pictures from my archives


Fading memories and forgotten scenes. But these were important moments in our life. This page served to consolidate what little facts I remember about so very close heart stories. And share it with you.

Memorable Events

The Pertak Valley before the whole valley being turned into a Dam-

Construction of the Empangan Sungei Selangor

 Henry Gurney last fight

Kampar Gravel Pump Tin Mining Museum

Green Ridge - Battle of Kampar to slow Japanese advance

Y2K Year Wk41 - Checking out "Penarian" Route

Bird Race? What is it? Fraser's Hill Bird Race - Pictures from 2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2007

Keep On Singing

Karaoke in my house started in 1991

  Dexter finishing school 2021

My "Sports Cars"

"Great Old Britain" - my collection of the poor man's sport cars -

My 1st MGB 

The second MGB

 MG "B" GT 

Sunbeam Alpine

 Triumph Spitfire  

My collection of Sports cars.

My Run Around "Dalmatian" Beetle.

The Making Of the VW Beetle

The Thai Odysseys - Ko Samui - Krabi - Trang - Kanchanaburi - Mae Sae -

Off Road in Jungle Malaysian Jungle - Rompin Endau national Park - Taman Negara Kuala Tahan - Taman Negara Merapoh - Waterfalls hunting

The "VW Club" my jungle car can join the Concourse to admire a thing of beauty - Ipoh Outing - Penang Bandar B'haru - Kuala Lumpur - Atria Beetle Competition



"A special event and a lasting memory" Those are the 2 phrases that goes side by side. But pictures of a historical events remains in the minds of those present. To describe it to those not on the scene would not be able to send the whole pictures across.  Furthermore after years in between, such memories turn blurry or the scenes become sketchy. How nice if those present had made a physical record of what and how the events had actually transpired. In most instance, the person making the record is actually a character participating. So whatever record, would also not be capturing the complete story too. Best it would be in bits and pieces. Well the web pages I have posted on historical events are also the bits and pieces in my record. Now you read about it, it is better than having none at all and leaving it entirely to imagination


With Will Would Wander