My ancient camera, my aging wife & me

Today is the llast day of April 2022. Two things are happening right now! First the tail end of the Covid-19 that had ravished the world for 2 years may be coming to a close. Second the never ending war in Europe is not seeing an early end, but things in the world are rapidly hanging. For me I am faithfully listening to all the advises spread through Whatsapps page - Keep myself fully occupied. So I started a new web sites So stay in touch and see what I am doing

1. Battle For Kampar

2. Lunch with my sister - Ayer Itam

3. Waterfront & Beaches of Penang

4. Karpal Singh Walk in Jeloutong

5. Birding in Kampar

6. Watching Lineated Barbet in Rimba

7. Heritage spots in Georgetown

.8. Breakfast in Ipoh

9. Visiting the Gravel Pump Museum

10. Have you seen a "Amang" Factory

11. Lunch in Taiping

12. Ulu Yam Curry Fish Head

13. Street Arts in Kuala Kubu Baharu

14. Pictures of Food Stalls in I C C Pudu

15. Street  Art in Kampar

31. A Day trip to Pulau Ketam

32. Way up North - Selangor

33. "Glamping"  in Janda Baik

34. Ginger Plant Forest

35. Professor Syed Al-Altas' garden

36. Tea time in Pineyard

36. Lunch @ Wonderland Valley

37. Lata Khong re-visited

38 Exploring a new birding trail - Talang

39. Land Of Phalaeonopsis - Orchids Lah!

40. The "Pau" Town of Tanjong Sepat

41. What is nice in Bagan Lalang Beach

42. Anyone have being to Fo Guang Shan?

43. Visiting the Dragon Fruit Farm in Sepang

44. Home stay in an Organic Farm

45. Outdoor Camping in Wind Valley

 I am looking forward to a great time in keeping myself busy. I hope you too would enjoy following me



With  Will Would  Wander